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Lemongrass Mist Disinfectant Blend


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Product Description

Household cleaners and disinfectants contain toxic chemicals that can be harmful to our health causing headaches, dizziness, illness and more.

Lemongrass Mist disinfectant blend is a natural, safe and effective alternative to keeping your home free of germs, grime and toxic chemicals.

In addition to its fresh, uplifting scent, the oils that make up Lemongrass Mist Disinfectant blend have potent antimicrobial properties, which are known for killing bacteria, viruses and fungi. It is safe to use on hard surfaces, in the bathroom, on floors, counter tops and virtually anywhere in your home!

Ingredients: Tea Tree, Lemongrass and Eucalyptus essential oils


How To Use


Air Freshener

Using a small mason jar, keep the metal ring and discard the round metal cap. Take a small piece of cardboard (or cardboard file folder) and cut it in a circle to replace the metal cap. Poke several holes in the cardboard disc and set to the side. To the mason jar add enough baking soda to fill it approximately ¼ of the way up, and approximately 6 to 10 drops (plus minus depending on what strength you like) of Lemongrass Mist. Place the cardboard disc on top and screw on the metal rim. Gently shake the jar from side to side to blend and place in your bathroom, bedroom or anywhere you would like the air freshener.


In The Bathroom

1 16 oz. spray bottle

7 oz white distilled vinegar

7 oz water

12 drops of Lemongrass Mist Disinfectant blend

In the spray bottle combine the vinegar, water and Blue Spring, shake well to blend.

  • Use as you would any other cleaner in the bathroom and on tile floors.
  • Add several drops to the inside of the toilet paper roll for a nice added scent.


In The Kitchen

1 8 oz. spray bottle

7 oz. of water

12 drops of Lemongrass Mist Disinfectant Blend

To the spray bottle, add water and Blue Spring, shake well to blend. Use on the stove and counter tops to kill bacteria.


In Other Parts of the Home or Environment

Mist into the air to kill bacteria and airborne microbes.

Use in an Ultrasonic Diffuser to keep the air in your environment smelling fresh, clean and free of germs and unwanted odors.

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