There is no greater gift than that of becoming a mother. From the day a child is born, a mother becomes a protector, disciplinarian and teacher. Raising a child can be difficult from the financial responsibilities, homework, and let’s not forget those moments when a child can test ones patience however, the reward of being a mother is limitless. I remember looking into those big brown eyes of each of my baby boys, examining their tiny fingers and toes, amazed at each breath they took. From the moment of birth, my children became my greatest worry, joy…my life. I relished in the happiness from the daily hugs and kisses, the “I love you’s,” the many little handmade gifts they gave me year after year. Being a mother means being loved however, more importantly loving, and accepting your child unconditionally, no matter what they do or say. There are so many wonderful moms out there in the world, loving and nurturing their children endlessly. However truth be told, there are many children who have not been so lucky, they have been emotionally and or physically abused, or perhaps abandoned in some way shape or form. Children grow to one day become adults and, often parents themselves, passing down the pain and abuse they once endured. This Mother’s Day, I congratulate all of the good moms out there for a job well done! I also choose to remind each and every mother to remember her own childhood, to take the good and pass it down, to remember the bad, learn from it and refuse it to be present in the lives of you and children today. To those of you who lost your mom, please know a mother’s love never dies, that she is with you, still loving and trying to guide you from the spirit world. Thank you to my two beautiful sons for letting me be your mom, it has been by far the most rewarding experience of my life! Happy Mother’s Day all!!!