Do animals have a soul?

Yes animals have soul’s and subsequently, a medium can communicate with them. I have found the energy of animals seems to be much lighter than those of humans therefore, I typically recommend the client bring a picture of their animal to the session as this helps our four (or two) legged friends come through a bit easier from the other side.

After we die, do we come back again?

For the most part the many of will reincarnate as this is our soul’s way of learning lessons and continuing to grow and evolve.

My mom passed away from cancer, is she still suffering?

No, once the soul exits the body it is at peace and free of all physical pain.

Do people who commit suicide go to hell?

No, an individual who takes their own life is in such pain that they feel they have no alternative but to end their life. God is loving, understanding and kind and greets all of us (with some exception) with open arms.

Does a person who committed suicide regret taking their life?

I have communicated with scores of people who have taken their life for one reason or another. For the most part, the majority of them regret the pain and devastation they have caused family and friends left behind. Otherwise, they are typically at peace. It is my belief however, that a person who ends their life must come back and attempt to learn the lessons that were unlearned due to their premature departure.

My loved one in spirit does not speak English, now what?

On the other side or the fourth dimension, language is universal and therefore there are no barriers.

Can I bring my pet to a session?

Yes absolutely! Animals are fun and very interesting and exciting to communicate with. They have their own little personalities and opinions just like people. I like to compare them to small children, very honest, innocent, funny and sometimes even demanding.

My dad passed away, how long does he need to be on the other side before he can communicate?

My dad passed away, how long does he need to be on the other side before he can communicate? I have found that there is no specific waiting time necessary for a spirit to come through. I have had loud clear communication with a spirit after the person had been gone for only 20 minutes. Likewise, I have communicated with spirits who have been gone many years and it was difficult to hear them. The spirit’s soul vibration must meet that of the medium in order for the communication to be strong and clear.