Meditation_smallFrom a very early age, Michele Renee exhibited indications of being a medium. She had a way of seemingly knowing about things before they happened. She constantly surprised her mother by knowing what was planned for dinner, who would show up next on their doorstep, and she sometimes even knew when an absent family member had unexpectedly fallen ill. Michele was also noted to be exceptionally lucky when it came to games of chance and drawings. She always seemed to have a knack for knowing things in advance.

Once out of school, Michele busied herself with a successful career, marriage, and a growing young family. As always, however, she maintained her close relationships with family members and friends, including an elderly neighbor with whom she remained particularly close. This neighbor’s name was Tony, and he had known Michele since she was a toddler. Over the years, Tony had become a vital part of the of the growing child’s extended family, ultimately becoming a beloved father figure to Michele. Even when Michele reached adulthood, Tony continued to be part of her family, her friend, her mentor, and her confidante.

Then, without warning, Tony became ill and was hospitalized. Tony’s doctor explained to Michele that he didn’t know whether or not Tony would survive. Unwilling to believe the prognosis, Michele began making plans for his homecoming. That night, Michele went home from the hospital and went to sleep believing that all was well in her world. She fell into a deep sleep, but was suddenly awakened to find herself immersed within a vision unlike any other she had ever experienced. She was witnessing Tony making his transition to the other side. Approximately an hour later, the telephone rang… it was the hospital, calling to inform Michele and her family that Tony had passed on. Shocked and completely devastated, she numbly raced to the hospital, and said a final goodbye to Tony.

Flower-&-Yin-&-Yang-Rocks-500The following morning Michele’s husband contacted the hospital to find out the exact time of Tony’s death. Michele and her husband were shocked to discover the time of Tony’s death was at the exact same time Michele had begun to experience her vision. This profound experience was the beginning of Michele’s world changing as she discovered she had the ability to communicate outside the world of the living.

Not long after his passing, Tony began to show up in Michele’s room every night at the exact same time as his passing. Understandably, Michele was terrified at the prospect of a ghost continuing to visit her every night, beloved family member or not, but she really didn’t know what to do about it! Always resourceful, Michele began her quest for answers.

Michele heard about a well-known medium and decided to attend one of his upcoming demonstrations. That night, when she did not receive a visit or message from Tony, she was disappointed, but she was determined to go forward with her search for answers. Undaunted, she attended a second demonstration. This time, she did receive the eagerly anticipated message!

This first success spurred Michele on to engage in a one-to-one session with a reputable British medium. It was the British medium who first revealed to Michele that she was in fact a medium herself, and that she should seek out her pathway to helping other people. Michele dug in and stubbornly argued her point; she made it abundantly clear to the medium that she would have absolutely no part of it! The medium, unruffled, quietly explained, “You don’t understand, Michele, you don’t have a choice. This is what you’re going to do from now on.”

Rock,-sky-500This experience profoundly affected Michele Renee and changed her life path. Although she at first resisted, she soon found herself seeking even more knowledge and enlightenment. Michele studied hard and earned her doctorate in Metaphysical Research from the Walter Dunn Foundation. She became ordained and formally began her work as a Medium in early 1995. Since then she has continued to study and has trained with some of the best mediums in the world. Along the way, she has garnered many awards and accolades, including the 2001 Reader Of The Year award from the Learning Light Foundation, and the Starlight Reader Award.

As Michele moved forward helping others, she received a request to read a horse belonging to a person with whom she was working. Hesitant at first, she was determined to give it her best try. The effort turned out to be a very positive experience and a great success. Happily, this new discovery led her to understand that thought is a universal language, and no matter what the dialect or species may be, whether human or animal, it can indeed be understood.

Since that undertaking with the first horse, Michele has worked with many other horses as well as dogs, cats, and even birds. In other words, all God’s creatures have voices and can speak out and be heard.