Mediumship & Intuitive Consulting


Meditation_smallMichele Renee is a spiritual medium defined as a gift that enables her to communicate with those who have crossed over into the next dimension or spirit world.  During private one-on-one or group sessions* Michele will communicate with your loved ones providing evidence they are still very much with you.

Michele is also Clairvoyant (seeing spirits and the visions they send her) Clairaudient (or, able to hear the voices of spirits) and Clairsentient (feeling the emotions and different frequencies of spirits).

Michele describes communicating with spirits as similar to playing a game of charades wherein each message needs to be interpreted.

Some spirit beings who where perhaps reserved in life may come through strong and loud while others who may have had a more outgoing personality may come through with less thrust. This variation in a spirit’s strength during a reading demonstrates that former personality traits have no bearing on spirits’ ability to communicate, however other distinct character traits remain in tact. This fact shall become apparent to you when hearing and witnessing that personality clearly come through in your session.  Don’t be surprised if your bossy grandmother comes through to remind you that dirty dishes have piled up in the sink or your old socks need to be replaced!

*Group sizes are limited and there are additional fees for each additional person attending a session.

Intuitive Consulting

shutterstock_50120443_smallIn addition to hearing from loved one’s crossed over, many clients often have questions concerning events going on in their own lives or in the lives of family etc., this is “Intuitive Consulting” of which Michele will communicate with your “Spirit Guides” to provide you with the guidance you need which pertain to current life situations. Note: Michele DOES NOT provide psychic readings.

We all have free will therefore, may choose to change our life’s direction at any time and literally change our future. Spirit Guides are very highly evolved souls that you do not know from this lifetime, they have been with you prior to birth and have been at your side through all of the joy and challenges you have experienced. Guides come from a very high level of wisdom, love and are able to provide us with needed direction in life.

Michele is known for her direct approach, it is very important that one realizes this prior to attending a session. Should there be something you really don’t want to know, then please do not ask. If asked, Michele will not tell you what you want to hear in order to make you feel better, rather she will tell you exactly what she receives from the other side.