Meeting Michele is one of the best things that has ever happened to me. She has changed my life and that of my husband. Seeing her is always the highlight of my year. Much of what I discuss with Michele and my spirit guides is therapy, too personal to share. Other times it is equally amazing. During my first drive to see her I looked into the rearview mirror in time to see a car speeding toward me. At the last second the car swerved onto the shoulder and passed me and several cars before it stopped. Michele asked me if I had almost been in an accident on the way because my mother was telling her that she had prevented it! Several times after my mother died I “heard” a voice in my head that I thought was my mother. One time she said “Slow down, your tires are bald”. Now I know it was mother. And I knew this was her too.

My father was there too. Michele said “Your father is here and he is saying that he never apologized to you. He regrets it.” That started some healing for me and since then Michele has given me equally startling and helpful messages from my spirit guides and others who have passed and about those still alive.

“Why is your mother showing me a door?” Michele asked. I told her we had a doorbell that rings even though it has been disconnected from an electrical source. She told me that my mother rings the bell when she visits us. What a gift to know that! During a period of a health issue she rang the bell everyday for 4 months. She rings it often but more frequently when there is upset in the house and all day on the day before I am going to see Michele.

When we had to replace the wall due to water damage, I told the contractor not to remove the bell. “My mother has passed. She rings the door bell to let us know she is visiting.” I told him. Hours later he told me that his men had come to him to tell him the doorbell was ringing without a power source. He took Michele’s phone number.

Another time Michele told me that my mother-in-law was telling me to buy my husband some shoes. When I got home I told him. After he picked his jaw off his chest, he told me that he had put his foot through his shoe and said to himself “Time for some new shoes.”

I do not ask questions to which I do not want answers. But it doesn’t matter. My spirit guides are with me 24/7 and they know what is on my mind. “DO NOT go to Costco. You are immune compromised!” Michele told me. I hadn’t asked. I’m disappointed but I’m not going to Costco any time soon.

The most life changing result of my sessions with Michele was to find out that I am clairsentient. My whole life has been a roller coaster of high and low emotions. I will be just fine and all of a sudden I am angry, sad, or in despair and crying. I asked Michele if I was an empath. She explained that an empath feels empathy for people but I am a clairsentient. I actually feel the feelings of those around me or of those who are elsewhere but emotionally close to me. Now when I feel angry, sad or start crying for no apparent reason I say to myself “Not my anger”, or “Not my despair” and if it is true the feeling fades away. What a gift! I am not nuts. I am clairsentient. Hear me whimper.

Ellen, retired educator, May, 2020

Ellen Hinkle, CA

Michele Renee has done more for me in two sessions of Emotional Freedom Therapy than the years of traditional therapy I have been through. My future is brighter as a result of Michele’s ability. I still remember what happened to me but it does not hold the emotional gut punch it once did. Because of that I am able more and more each day to deal with difficulties in a way that supports my well being. I am forever grateful to Michele and recommend her without reservation. E.H. May, 2020

Ellen Hinkle, CA

I was very skeptical the first time I went to Michele, but my friend was insistent that she was amazing. I jotted down a question addressed to my Aunt who had passed away and placed it in my purse, planning not to share it with anyone. My Aunt and I had been very close and on many occasions before her death she ordered me not to give those bitches any of her stuff after she was gone. However, after she died I felt it necessary to keep peace in the family so I divided her things among the women of the family including those she referred to as the bitches. The question I wrote down that day was, Are you mad at me for giving them some of your things?

When Michele started my session, she began by describing my very best friend, who I had not thought would come through. Michele described perfectly the type of relationship we had shared even though my friend and I had never discussed it openly. Michele described the friendship and the roles my friend and I played in it. To make the tears flow even more, Michele described exactly what I had been doing that morning prior to our session, stating that my friend was with me and is often with me.

So when my Aunt came through, it was clear who it was by Michele’s description. Michele relayed, I told you not to give those witches any of my things! I laughed and asked Michele if my Aunt had used something stronger than the word witches, to which Michele replied that she had. I have since had a couple more sessions in which family members have clearly come through. The things Michele has described have been accurate and known only to myself and the departed. I always come away feeling privileged and secure in the knowledge that my loved ones are out there watching over me and mine.

Beth Deliberto - Lancaster, CA

Michele Renee was recommended to me by a friend. At the time I had some major changes that were taking place and had taken place. These were life changing events with losses of loved ones and other aspects in my life. I made the appointment and with much reluctance and skepticism I dragged my weary soul to go and see her. Expecting surroundings like that of a palm reader I was pleasantly surprised to be seated in a regular office type setting where my mind was totally blown away by what Michele Renee had to tell me from the other side. I left with my spirits uplifted knowing my loved ones were with me and watching over me. It was a life changing event leaving me with a completely different aspect of life and its purpose. It wasn’t just about hearing from my love ones who had just passed over. I left her office with such an uplifting feeling and a perspective of the journey I was on. Thank you Michele Renee for bringing light back into my life.

Irene N. - Huntington Beach, CA

I have been seeing Michele Renee since 2006. I have referred my friends to her and they all make frequent visits to her after their first visits. Michele Renee is very accurate and thorough in describing what the experience will be like in your first reading, before the reading. This explanation adds comfort and helps you in understanding the entire process. My visits with Michele Renee have always been at turning points in my life. I saw her after my 12 year old son died and she mentioned details that only he and I would have known. This brought me comfort and confirmation. This definitely played a big factor in my healing process. I have visited her during very challenging times in my life in regards to my romantic relationships. She is very honest and sensitive in how she delivers the information she receives to you and this has helped in more ways than one. She is also very non-judgemental. I always seem to leave her office feeling lighter and enlightened. Not only has it been proven to me many times over that she has a natural gift but she also has a genuine concern for all those that see her. There are times when I have left her office feeling as if I just had a therapy session. She is however, very responsible with the information she offers and clarifies that she is not a therapist but just relaying what is being revealed to her. She is a light worker and has changed my life significantly by sharing her gift with me in a well-intended and non exploitive way. I just cant say enough about Michele. She has become a very important part of my life and I trust her. I would recommend her to anyone. As a matter of fact, I usually do. I can name at least 7 friends that will all say the same thing as I do about her. She is encouraging, funny, accurate, humble, sincere, caring, trustworthy and worth the cost. I am always very touched that she charges as little as she does for being so accurate and genuine. I hope I get the opportunity to see Michele for the rest of my life.

Kim Martin - Los Angeles, California

I lost my only daughter Cassie in 2007. She was 32 years old. She and I both used to tell one another that whoever went first, we would find a way to tell the one left behind that we were o.k. and not to feel so alone. Until I came to see you, I grieved so hard that I didn’t think I would ever feel any differently. I even joined a support group for parents who lost children. However, it was only after my first sitting with you when you started describing things of my daughter to me that I really could understand and ‘accept’ her passing. You described her perfectly – even down to her looks, laugh personality and name. Through you, Cassie assured me that she was o.k. – not in any more pain and that she was with me more than I could imagine.

You mentioned songs that only she and I would know were ours and more information from her to me that I could have hoped for.

I left your office that day with a whole new outlook on life. I knew my beloved daughter was and would be with me forever. You soothed my soul and comforted me. You gave me not closure – but hope. Thank you, Michelle. God has truly blessed you with a magnificent gift and talent and you are using it beautifully. I would challenge anyone who disbelieves to have only one session with you to know that life beyond is there and you are one of the chosen to bridge that gap.

Thank you again, Michelle, thank you and I send nothing but love, blessings and well wishes your way.

Linda Malone - Buena Park, CA

The love of my life, committed suicide on April 29th, six months prior to my first visits with Michele. His passing was devastating for me; his death left me feeling guilty, helpless and suicidal. I was born and raised Catholic and I work for a Catholic Church. My religious background was very strong. I was in agony thinking that my loved one was in purgatory for committing a horrible thing such as suicide. So the first thing I did after his death, was to schedule many mass intentions for him (a mass intention is a mass that is dedicated for the repose of the soul of the deceased and for his/her salvation; the Catholic Church does this for a donation). My loved one had a mass intention every week and sometimes twice in one week. I also had a group of parishioners who prayed the rosary with me every day to help his soul in purgatory, and a lot of people praying with me for his salvation. I was doing all these things to help him, but I still felt depressed. I knew that I needed to seek counseling because my depression was so bad I had already made plans for my funeral. I started by seeking counseling from a Priest; the Priest counseled me for a while, but I was still depressed. After a month, my best friend referred me to a Psychotherapist from the Orange County Dioceses. After four months of Psychotherapy and evaluation, I was still suicidal. A deep depression was already part of my every day life. All I could do and think about was ending my life so that I could be with my loved one. My plan was to commit suicide on our anniversary. Everything was planned, my plot at the cemetery was purchased and the only I had to do was to wait patiently for December to come. But one day after I cried myself to sleep, as I had done for many months, I woke up and turned on the radio. Fortunately for me, that day Michele Renee was a guest on the program Angels in Waiting, (this program is dedicated to people who are trying to get in touch with their loved ones on the other side). I have to say that I was skeptical because I had listened to the program before and I never heard any mediums like Michele. She captured my attention by the accuracy that she demonstrated during the readings she did for the people who were calling the radio station. I was so amazed listening to her validations, that I knew I had to give her a try. The same night after the program ended, I left a voice mail for her, and to my surprise she called me the next day and told me that the only day she had available that month was on the 19th. I knew then that I needed to see her because the 19th was my birthday. I showed up for my appointment on the 19th as scheduled, and I was surprised when Michele started the session by describing my loved one to me. She was so accurate I was left speechless when she said to me your loved one wants me to wish you a happy birthday! She is incredibly specific and accurate, she kept me gasping and weeping at her revelations. After my first session with Michele, I felt much happier because during the session Michele showed me that love endures beyond the demise of the body and the people who are dear to us in this life remain dear and near to us after death. She gave me enough validations from my loved one that she made my life worth living. The validations that she gave me were just what I needed to hear. Michele saved my life and also gave me a chance to say goodbye to my loved one. She did more for me in a one-hour session, than my Counselor and Psychotherapist did in six months of counseling.

Lidia Smith - Cypress, California

I am so blessed to have found Michele Renee. I lost both my husband and mother within 4 months. Michele has put me in touch with my beloved husband and helped me bring closure to his untimely death, she gave me so many validations I know that my husband was there with us and that he loves me and is with me every day.

During a recent session Michele contacted my mother. Michele told me that my mother was with a small boy that had passed very quickly when he was 5-7 years old. At the time I did not know who this little boy was.

When I was at my mother’s funeral, at the grave site my uncle started talking about a small boy that had died when he was 7 years old, he came home from school and dropped dead in the driveway. This little boy would have been my mothers uncle. I now know who the little boy is that is with my mom on the other side…This was just amazing…and what an incredible validation. I know that my mother’s spirit prompted my uncle to tell this story so I would know who the little boy was.

Michele Renee is a gift from God and I plan on seeing her on a regular basis.

Janie - Irvine, California

Several years ago, Michele’s husband Russell, whom I have known for many years, asked me to have an open mind about what he was going to tell me. He informed me that a few days before while Michele was sleeping, my mother (who died in 1960), woke her up by insisting she contact me. My mother was concerned about my blood circulation and my heart.

After Russell relayed this story to me, and I got my composure, I immediately contacted my doctor, who subsequently put me in the hospital that same day. The doctor determined I had developed a blood clot in my leg, and he put me on blood thinners to prevent any serious problems.

Since this amazing introduction to Michele, I have had many readings with her, and she has given me closure to my mother’s death, along with other loved ones who have since passed over.

Michele, for me, has been my angel, who has shown me much insight into the realities of death. She has given me a new lease on life. I will be forever grateful to her.

Casey Sauers - California

I have had the distinct pleasure of numerous readings with Michele over the past four years and during the course of those readings, I have experienced many, many of what I call aha moments. I’d like to share one of those more poignant moments with you here.

When our daughter was pregnant in Juneau, Alaska with our first grandchild, Michele not only predicted accurately that it was a boy, but also cautioned four times during the reading that it was very important that our daughter be at a hospital for the birth, as Michele was being shown that the baby was going to have his oxygen supply cut off. He was going to be okay, but Michele was worried that our daughter wasn’t going to be at a hospital where she would have the necessary care readily available for him.

Well…our grandson was born with a cleft lip and palate in Juneau and initially, we were unaware of any oxygen issues. However, two weeks after birth he had his first cleft workup at Children’s Hospital in Seattle. The attending pediatrician noticed that his nail beds were slightly blue and took an oxygen reading which was alarmingly low. Our grandson was rushed into the emergency room and immediately had a catheterization procedure to open a narrowing in his little heart. They found that he was born with 3 major congenital heart defects. He had his first open heart surgery one week later. The chief of pediatric cardiology told our daughter how fortuitous it was that they were at Children’s Hospital that day, as his heart was shutting down and had they not been there, it might have been fatal.

We are happy to tell you that he has had several surgeries/procedures in his first year for a total of nine general anesthesias. Today, he is a hearty, robust, thriving toddler and we know that we have been blessed with a very special grandson. We had another reading with Michele, and she predicted smooth sailing with his heart and all good things ahead for him in the future.

Clarene Irvine - California

On October 9, 2004 the love of my life, my one and only husband of 41 1/2 years passed away suddenly of a heart attack. My whole world collapsed, my best friend left me forever without so much as a Good bye. Looking back I still do not remember much of the first month, it is still a daze. I felt full of guilt, grief, sorrow, loneliness and depression. My sweetheart, who has been here for me always and the wonderful life as I had known it was gone forever. Not to mention the daily routine like sitting down for breakfast out on the gazebo or sharing the morning paper, all of it was gone. I couldn’t even sit out at the gazebo anymore. The morning paper piled up for weeks, so I finally canceled it. I cried day and night, I could not eat nor sleep there was no relief to be found, everything I tried was of no help. I turned to our Pastor for guidance and help with my guilt, grief, sorrow, loneliness and depression. Out Pastor took so much time with me, which did help, but somehow it was just not enough. All I wanted was to join my husband, just be with him, some days more than others.

One day I remembered a TV segment I used to watch which was called Crossing Over with John Edwards. I had seen how he helped people who lost loved ones and needed answers. Before my husband passed away I had talked to him about the show on several occasions, but he would not hear of it. He had always said I do not believe in it, no way, I only believe in God. Well we both came from solid strong Lutheran backgrounds and I also believe in God, but I somehow always Knew there was a way to communicate, especially by watching John Edwards. To be honest, I still was somewhat skeptical due to my religious beliefs.

Three months after my sweetheart passed away, I went to the grocery store and I picked up a newspaper. After putting up the groceries, I made a cup of coffee and went out to the gazebo to read it. After a few pages, I came across an article with the headlines Postcards From Heaven along with the picture of Medium Michele Renee. I read the information over and over again. And to my surprise, she was located in my area Southern California. I could not get her out of my mind. After a few days I just picked up the phone and called, just to ask a few questions. Unfortunately, I had to leave a message, but Michele did call me back the same day and I made an appointment.

Well, as Michele opened our session, my only love started with saying Oh honey, here we are a non-believer and you, the skeptic, communicating with each other. I was so shocked I started to weep. What a validation. Michele continued, she was so accurate that she left me speechless. I felt that I was on a TV re-run of my life; it was that specific and accurate. I received so many validations from Michele Renee that I knew I had to see her again to have another visit with my wonderful sweetheart.

Needless to say, I see Michele Renee on a regular basis. I look forward to each day which gives my life a new meaning. This is like a therapy session for me. Michele Renee showed me that when we cross over, we are still very much connected to our loved ones. On the other side- love knows no boundaries.

B.N. - Garden Grove, California

My life-long partner, Al, died suddenly of a heart attack and left many things unsettled, thus a few friends of his and I decided to seek out a psychic who could assist us in contacting him. As a result of our search, we were fortunate enough to find Michele Renee. I must admit that I was skeptical at first, I come from a strong conservative and religious background, but as the session began Michele skillfully put us all at ease. We met at one of Al’s dearest friends’ homes, and Michele started promptly by addressing us individually with things that Al and our significant others who had passed on, wanted to convey to us. Michele did this with such spontaneous vigor and accuracy that it was astonishing. As she moved from person to person with statements that validated the person from beyond and then presented concerns that were very meaningful to all of us on a very deep and meaningful basis. For me, I found out that Al had no intention to leave things as he had, but instead simply and amusingly said Ooooops, and suggested a way to correct some of the situations. He/Al expressed to all of us, yet quite individually, that he loved us. Michele repeatedly and continuously was extremely accurate, with identifying each of us on a very individual basis throughout the entire session. Even to the point of being able to contact another life-long partner of mine, Bob, who had died almost 20 years ago. She informed me that Al and Bob had developed a very close friendship on the other side and that they were both with me. I consider myself to have been extremely fortunate to have been blessed to have had her as my medium. I am now less of a skeptic and am more at peace with my partner’s passing-on and I can move on to other new and exciting life adventures with a more positive, spiritual attitude of the connectiveness of the greater universe. I still do meet with Michele once a month and feel blessed by each session that I have with her.

Paul - Santa Ana, California

I was fortunate to get to know Michele Renee socially before I knew her professionally. She is a joyful, outgoing, articulate, well-rounded and balanced person who has a husband and children and seems so normal. She is very professional in her dealings with people and very clear with communications. Now that I have seen the professional side of Michele, I am even more impressed with her and the way she has developed and uses her gifts.

The first time I experienced Michele do a mediumship demonstration for about 30 people in the home of a mutual friend, I was totally amazed at the accuracy and thoroughness of her readings. Michele is so entertaining and humorous in her presentation and explanation of the Mediumship process, that I was totally engaged for 2 full hours! Every person in the room received significant information from someone who passed over to the other side. For me personally she brought in my father, grandmother, and sister with uncanny details and accuracy about their personalities, their challenges, and how they died. Their messages for me were exactly what I needed to hear.

Most importantly, Michele is genuinely concerned about helping each person. And she does it with integrity.

Ann Miller - Anaheim, California

Events Director Learning Light Foundation

Michele is unbelievable. She is the Greatest! I came across her in the strangest way. I was with a friend, standing in line, waiting for a George Anderson seminar and met a woman who recommended Michele to us. We were interested because Michele was practically in our backyard here in Southern California. She gave us her phone number for future reference. Well, four months go by and my friend tragically loses a son. She was devastated to say the least. Right after this happened my friend decided to contact Michele and then went to see her. Without asking a question Michele tells my friend that her son was there with her right then. My friend was so relieved. She came back to me so happy. I decided to go as well. I had been carrying a log of guilt from my own recently passed on loved ones and Michele made me realize I was not alone anymore. I was able to find a new peace and a sense of closure with my departed ones. I was euphoric for two months after that. Michele is wonderful. You should go see her yourself.

Sunday Panacek - El Segundo, California

I am a school psychologist and therapist who has always believed in the power of closure. After the death of my father, my family and I had the wonderful opportunity to experience such closure when we met Michele. I can truly say that this has been one of the best experiences my family and I have ever had. After visiting with Michele, my mother has become very happy. It seems as if she has had a hundred years added to her life. She has become full of spirit and I have witnessed it. My brother and I have found peace and our outlook on life has changed almost overnight. In my opinion, the information we have received has done wonders and has had a positive effect. My message to those who are skeptics is simple: the information Michele Renee offers has the potential to change your life!

Breenu Singh - Riverside, California