EFT - Emotional Freedom Technique/Therapy

EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique/Therapy) As seen on Dr. Oz

images-9_medMichele Renee is certified in Advanced Emotional Freedom Technique/Therapy, or EFT. She often incorporates EFT with hypnotherapy in order to provide the highest level of emotional healing and freedom for her clients.

Emotional Freedom Technique can help you overcome negative feelings, addictions, depression, anxiety, stress and so much more.


Emotional Freedom Technique, or EFT, is a form of psychological acupressure, based on the same energy meridians that have been used in traditional acupuncture for treatment of physical and emotional ailments for over 5000 years. In this century, EFT has been described as one of the most important breakthroughs in the area of psychology. When an individual suffers from an emotional trauma, or a stressful experience etc., an emotional block is created. This emotional block or charge is easily activated by even the simplest of life issues. The blockage or charge creates anxiety, fear, phobias, insomnia, anger, depression and many other emotional and or physical disorders. EFT provides relief from the majority of these disturbances. stacked-rocks-500By combining tapping of the energy meridians with voicing positive affirmations one can remove emotional blocks from the body’s bio-energy system. This in turn balances the mind and body, which is essential for over-all optimal health. The tapping serves to release the blockages that are created when a person thinks about or becomes involved in an emotionally disturbing circumstance. When the blockage is released, the emotions come into balance. Once balanced, the individual cannot get upset about the circumstance no matter how hard they try. The memory remains however the charge is gone.



“Michele Renee has done more for me in two sessions of Emotional Freedom Therapy than the years of traditional therapy I have been through. My future is brighter as a result of Michele’s ability. I still remember what happened to me but it does not hold the emotional gut punch it once did. Because of that I am able more and more each day to deal with difficulties in a way that supports my well being. I am forever grateful to Michele and recommend her without reservation. E.H. May, 2020”

What are Meridians?

The human body has approximately 400 acupuncture points and 20 meridians connecting most of the points. Meridians or the body’s major energy pathways and are said to be associated with specific emotions and themes.

A stimulus that brings a meridian out of harmony or balance also activates the emotion associated with that meridian.

Energy sustains all life, from plants to humans to the creation of stars. Life-giving energy comes in many forms, not just those considered essential to life, such as sunlight, water and food; there is also good music, good feelings, physical touch, words of kindness, good company, an uplifting thought, a smile from a stranger–to name a few. All forms of positive energy energize us. This energy is transported throughout our body via acupuncture meridians. Sometimes this energy can be disrupted, and we experience its effects: unease, discomfort and pain. With physical tapping at specific points along our energy meridians, EFT taps into our energy system to balance it and keep it running smoothly.