Have you ever found yourself in a department store searching for a shirt or top, sorting through them until you discovered the one that “felt” just right? Or perhaps you have visited a nursery to purchase a plant, sifting through them until you found the one that seemed to smile at you? Take for example the shirts in the department store hung nicely in order on their racks. They are all made of the same fabric, the colors are practically identical, and yet we might shuffle through until we find the one that feels good. Why is this? The fabric will be holding energy from those who have held it previously such as, the customer who examined the piece earlier, or the individual who had sewn the garment. If the party who stitched the fabric was happy, you might feel a sense of joy, if however the individual had suffered from depression or perhaps had a bad day, you might pick up on that as well. Therefore, you will tend to choose the piece that feels good to you rather than the one that does not. The next time you are shopping, keep in mind you are more than likely “feeling” as well as seeing.