Dogs can predict when seizures will occur in humans, and have been trained to lie on top of their human during the seizure and go for help afterwards. Dogs, and even cats, are known to sense their person’s impending arrival, sometimes well in advance.

It’s true that animals can read our body language, but they can also sense our emotions and can often read our thoughts. Recognizing this is a first step toward opening our minds and allowing ourselves to sense/listen to our animals communicating with us.

Telepathic communication between species is a direct link to the spirit present in all beings. We must recognize that all beings are intelligent, and that they are quite capable of understanding and communicating in their own way.   When we open ourselves up to this communication, we may well experience direct thought transmission, images and feelings from other living creatures not of our own species.

When we open the doors of communication with other species, a deep mutual understanding can occur.   Fear, aggression and dominance are then open to be replaced by harmony, dignity and mutual respect.