Have you ever had a dream in which your loved ones in spirit have shown themselves to you? Did you notice the dream(s) tend to occur just as you are awakening or falling to sleep? The dream was probably very vivid, your loved one(s) in spirit appeared alive, well and attempted to communicate with you. The state of consciousness one is in as they are falling into or returning from the dream state is called Theta. In this state our brain wave cycles have slowed, enabling spirit to better connect with those of us here in the physical world. These so called dreams are not really dreams at all, rather they are visitations from our loved ones in the spirit world. Sometimes a dream can quickly turn into a nightmare leaving us afraid and tormented. In these instances the conscious mind begins to question the visitation, blocks the communication and subsequently turns it into a nightmare. I recall when my loved one Tony first made his transition many years ago, I had countless sleepless nights due to these nightmares. It wasn’t until I began to let go that the nightmares ceased and the dreams became beautiful visitations.