The word prejudice comes from two words, “pre” and “judgement.”  Prejudice causes pain and harm to both the sender and receiver, neither are left unscathed by its poison.

Much prejudice stems from our pre-judgement of other people’s looks, clothing, the way they speak, their political, cultural, or religious views… whatever we perceive as making them separate from ourselves, different from our own ways and/or customs.

I am of the opinion, based on my many years of experience communicating with the spirit world, that neither God, the Source, the Universe, by whatever name we choose to bestow upon that which is greater than ourselves, has an expectation that we should regard others as lesser beings, nor should we be so arrogant as to believe that our path is the only path, and all who do not follow that path will be relegated to hellfire.  Let us all work together to end prejudice once and for all.