Sooner or later we will all be stabbed in the heart by the awful aching pain that comes with losing a loved one. We often suffer guilt, feeling that we somehow should have done something to prevent the loss, even though intellectually we know that wasn’t really possible. Sometimes, we may feel that we are dishonoring our lost loved one if we laugh or have a little fun, feeling that any enjoyment at all is a betrayal of our loved one. Moving on with our lives, we think, would be the ultimate betrayal. That is all so untrue.

Our loved ones can see us, and they know the pain we feel. They love us and they don’t want us to suffer, just as we still love them and never wanted them to suffer. Our loved ones want us to be happy, and they won’t feel left out or forgotten if we laugh, enjoy life, and learn to live again. Know that although you have lost the presence of your loved one, you will never lose their love.