We are all trying to heal… and we all want to heal.  Unfortunately, sometimes our expectations can be so unrealistic that we end up placing unreasonable demands on ourselves by expecting no less than a full 100% recovery.  Alas, healing does not mean that all our pain and discomfort, along with all evidence of our injury, will disappear as though it never existed… it just doesn’t work that way.

We must come to understand that all injuries, be they physical or emotional, leave behind a residue.  That residue may be a physical scar, or an emotional scar.  Our minds and bodies form scars as a means of protection.  Some injuries require more protection than others, while some require very little.

We must learn to cope with the unchangeable, the irreversible.  We should not waste valuable time searching vainly to erase all traces of our injuries from our lives.  The injury happened, understand it, embrace it and learn to rise above it.  Although injury may impact your life, you do not have to allow it to define you or your life.