When we experience someone we love dying or my preferred term, passing over, we tend to grieve deeply fearing we may never see them again. However, quite the opposite is true. If one so chooses, he or she may continue to have deep and meaningful relationships with their spirit friends or family members. To do this, one must get their own doubts, fears, and the tape recorder in the mind that says “this is impossible” out of the way. It is so easy to feel as though we are losing our minds as we are looking for signs from or focused on conversing with our loved ones in spirit. Continuing relationships with those we have lost is in fact rewarding. Perhaps you are asking yourself, “am I holding my loved one back from crossing over by continuing to have a relationship with them?” The answer is “no.” Quite simply put, you and I have no control over a spirit’s decision to engage with us, the fact is that the soul upon the death of the body has already transitioned into the spirit world. If you were crossed over, wouldn’t you want to continue to guide your children, grand children, spouse or others that you love? Frankly, I couldn’t imagine being in the spirit world refraining from offering continued guidance to my children and those I love. Several of my loved ones who are in spirit visit with me on a day to day basis, my father Ron, my grandmother Lucille and my closest confidant and best friend Tony. Although the relationships I have with them are much different then when they were here in a physical body, I can and do have conversations with them regularly. In affect, my relationships with them continue through the veil of the spirit world.