b2ap3_thumbnail_411239_3480687692383_1462987907_oThree years ago today, after a long battle with Emphysema, my father made his transition to the spirit world, he was only 72 years old. It is still painful to be unable to pick up the telephone and talk with him (in a traditional sense), with each call I looked forward to hearing one of his new jokes (he had a million). I miss shopping together for some hidden treasures in our favorite antique stores and enjoying that nice hot cup of coffee on any given afternoon. Although there are times of sadness, I am more often filled with great joy as I gratefully receive surprise telephone calls (in a non-traditional sense) from him in the spirit world. He usually makes his appearance in my office, standing next to my desk still wearing his blue jeans, tennis shoes and a button up dress shirt. He always has a big smile on his face and I can tell he’s excited to talk with me, always willing to lend advice (not that always take it lol). Today as I remember my father, I do so with love, gratitude and great joy. Here’s to you dad…”Go enjoy your coffee.”