You are unique. You are wonderful. You were designed for greatness, and only need to step forward to claim your destiny. You don’t think so? There are many things we may not understand, nor perhaps even believe, but that doesn’t stop them from being real.

For many years it was believed that the bumblebee had defied the laws of physics by flying. How could that big heavy body be lifted by those tiny wings? It just wasn’t possible. Ultimately, scientists discovered that the bumblebee didn’t defy physics at all. The bumblebee and similar creatures fly by using an incredibly complex method that utilizes the creation of mini-hurricanes!

We can’t see the air we breathe, but it’s there. We can’t feel or touch the Internet but we know it exists. We may not be able to see gravity, but anyone who has ever fallen sure knows it’s real.   The spirit world is real too. Although we’ve yet to have concrete proof that it exists, we have all felt the presence of our loved ones who have crossed over, and we know that world is real.

Believe in infinite possibilities. Believe in yourself. Stop standing in your own way and you will be able to see ever so much more.